Local Assembly - 2019

Local Fibres: Local Futures



Visual Element Designer

In the fall of 2019 I participated in a Business of Design course with Emily Carr University in collaboration with Simon Fraser University. The outcome of this sustainable textiles themed course was a Local Assembly. Local Fibres: Local Futures lead playful, critical conversations pertaining to these important themes.


Ash S Logan

Business of Design Cohort


The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion was created in 2018 to ask questions about the nature of business in the fashion industry. The UCRF’s call to action alligned perfectly with the Business of Design goals of asking students to reflect and dissect sustainability in the textile industry. We decided to host a Local Assembly where community members could come and discuss a Local Action Plan which we would then submit to the UCRF.

As part of the curation team, I organized activities and developed questions to facilitate meaningful conversations. These conversations would be translated into visual takeaways for each participant that would leave a lasting impression.

Visual Element #1

Felted Sign

There was an emphasis on creating meaningful visual elements for this Local Assembly. Our team approached the task intending to use sustainable materials that were all either recycled or donated. I and Ash, the other visual element designer, were given access to wool yarn from the studio of a rug weaver on Vancouver Island. This particular weaver works with wool gathered from their fibre shed area of Vancouver Island. We had access to a felting machine at school that allowed us to use these yarn scraps and some donated felt to create a visual element that worked as signage to the event and an example of what can be done with sustainable textiles.

Local Assembly

The local assembly took place on 30 November 2019. It started with a ‘Quilted Discourse’ where groups were assigned topics with several questions designed to guide meaningful conversations. After each topic, we asked the participants to draw or write out whatever stood out to them on square sheets of paper.  We then read the current Union for Concerned Researchers in Fashion Manifesto. We asked participants to use what they had learned in our discussions to develop a series of points to put together a Local Action Plan.

Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion blog post on the Communique from Vancouver Local Assembly is available here.

Group discussion summary and Local Action Plan is available here.

Visual Element #2

Quilted Discourse

Participants wrote their most important takeaway onto square papers. I later scanned the papers and laser-etched them onto denim that was donated by a local business. Ash then sewed the squares into a quilted tapestry that symbolizes the discourse generated at our meetup around sustainability, community, and textiles.

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